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These are great! I haven’t thought about some of these players in such a long time.

The Knight's Lance

Score Football exploded into the collecting conscious back in 1989 with a monumental maiden voyage still considered by experts to be one of the most influential trading card sets of all time. More than 20 years later, Score remains one of the most widely-broken, warmly-embraced football sets every year with a proud history of landmark designs, key Rookie Cards and fond memories to prove it.

In a colorful, fitting celebration of the set’s undeniable place in history, the upcoming 2012 Score Football will include Rookie Card Flashback, a spectacular 50-card tribute to Score’s storied past that remembers some of the set’s greatest Rookie Cards with updated photography, original designs and more than two decades worth of splendid recollections.

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Pre-school T H U G L I F E

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Pre-school T H U G L I F E.

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That’s too bad. To train that hard for a fight and to have a freak occurrence determine the outcome of the fight.

Asian Athletes Blog

Brian Rhee, the manager and translator for UFC welterweight Dong Hyun Kim, informed members of The Underground that his fighter suffered a muscle spasm that was to blame for his loss to Demian Maia at UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II.

“As they were tied up, somehow (Kim) got a muscle spasm in hi side. He told his corner that something was wrong. Kim defended Maia’s takedown attempts for a while, but by the time they got to the other side of the Octagon, he was in too much pain. The position in which the injury happened is the kind that happens in training all the time, but for some reason, it caused a severe muscle spasm in this particular time,” Rhee said. “It truly was a freak accident.”

Many thought that Kim may have suffered a broken rib when Maia went for the takedown, but it appears…

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