About US

MMA Weight Classes is a website about Mixed Martial Arts weight divisions and other entertaining news and information surrounding the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Mixed Martial Arts has become a $ multi-billion industry worldwide, and is huge popular in the United States.  With the growth of the UFC and its exposure, we are seeing MMA leagues pop up all over locally.  Many martial arts schools are now focusing on teaching several disciplines versus just one.

The offshoot industry for apparel, and equipment is has grown by leaps and bounds too.  But what is great about how this sport is captivating audiences around the world is, it is also inspiring people to get up off the couch and move around, get in shape or stay in shape.

There are many professional athletes that use a MMA workout to maintain their agility, learn new movements and keep in that elite form that allows them to compete at professional levels.   This is more true with NFL athletes.  It is an excellent form of exercise that will build muscle, confidence and endurance.

Thank you for visiting our MMA inspired website.  For more information about the MMA please visit our other website www.mmaweightclasses.info.


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