Why Waiting Never Works

Posted: July 13, 2012 in MMA Articles

This is a great article, and goes to show that these prize fighters must also use business strategy to be successful. A good adviser would go a long way with some of these guys. Out of sight out of mind?


If the UFC’s 2012 can be characterized by anything at this point, it might be a lack of star power at the top of cards and the messy title pictures that have resulted (or it could be drug controversy, but indulge me and go with the former). The organization has done its best to toe the line between notable fighters atop cards and trying to develop new talent, but the simple fact is that they can’t accomplish both while attracting the type of viewership that will be seen as successful. There are too many cards and not enough notable names in play for that strategy to work, so the UFC has to focus on developing fighters into draws that will replace the Lesnars, Liddells, Penns, and Coutures atop cards while still maintaining the interest of the average viewer. Herein lays the problem. Rather than keeping fighters active and having fans…

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  1. bradtaschuk says:

    Thanks for the kudos. The state of management in MMA right now is really quite sorry. When Malki Kawa is one of the best managers in the business that just shows what a long way MMA has to go before it catches up to mainstream sports.